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Five ways to add value to your existing property

There are a number of ways to add value to your home, it is important however to plan these changes as a whole to ensure that the home functions as a cohesive dwelling rather than isolated entities.

We have put together five ways to add value to your existing property:

1. Increased living space with a rear or side extension

Building an extension to your property is a great way to add value. Increasing the habitable space is likely to result in a significant return on investment. Not only will a rear or side extension bring added value to your home, it will also potentially create a better connection with the garden, an increase in the amount of natural daylight into the space and a better functional space for the family. It is important to keep in mind a well-considered design which will be appealing, functional and will maximise on the potential of the property.

2. Loft Conversions to add a bedroom or additional habitable space

Converting your loft could significantly add value to your home, in particular if this conversion includes an en-suite. Depending on the existing build and certain limitations and conditions, there are a number of types of conversions available ranging from a simple roof light conversion which requires the least amount of structural work to a more expensive mansard conversion. Not all loft conversions will require planning permission but may if you're intending to extend or change the roof space and it exceeds certain limits and conditions so it is worth to seek advice from a professional to check before you start.

3. Convert your garage into living space

If your current garage isn't being used to house a car, there could be a potential option to convert this into living space. In the majority of cases, converting a garage will be classed under permitted development and so you will not require planning permission. It is however always good to check with you local planning authority to ensure this is the case.

Converting you garage into living space will always be subject to building regulations to ensure the minimum standards for design and construction for items such as walls, roofs, drainage and electric comply with the regulations. There are two main ways in seeking the necessary advice and certification; via the Local Council's Building Control department or via an Approved Inspector where they would normally make a number of visits to ensure compliance.

4. New bathroom

Whilst a new bathroom can be an expensive investment, if done right however can add significantly the value of the property. For cost effective solutions, you can look to keep the existing layout as moving sanitaryware items could mean relocating pipework and inlets which will add to the costs.

5. Make an open-plan living arrangement

As well as the potential for increasing natural lighting into the space, open living arrangements encourages communal living and bringing the family together. It's important for your designer to understand the family's requirements and what works best for you. Open-plan living encourages family bonding and can potentially bring added value to the property.

DLSS Architects is based in the West Midlands. With a focus on design and expertise in residential extensions, conversions and new build homes, we help homeowners to create somewhere they enjoy living and spend time with their families. If you have a potential project in mind, contact us today for a initial consultation.

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